Friday, June 20, 2014

Our New House!!

As you all know we have finally moved!!
Actually we moved almost four weeks ago but I have been a bit busy, hence the reason I have been MIA from blogland. It took us almost two years to sell our little house in town, and move into the house of our dreams out in the country. Let me tell ya, moving is a TON of work!! But we are here, getting settled and unpacked. So here it is! (I apologize in advance for the picture overload)
Our new house is everything we were looking for when we started to consider moving. It is less then 2 miles from the farm, in our daughter's school district, not on a busy road, has enough bedrooms for all of our little crazies, more than one bathroom (we only had one in the little house and with three little girls, it didn't work so well for daddy), and land to for horses with plenty of room for all of our crazies to run and play.

It also came with lots of bonuses that were definitely a want and not a need: a playroom/family room for daycare and toys, three bathrooms (yay for daddy!), a quilting studio for myself, a workshop for my husband and all his tools, and a huge master suite including our own bathroom with double sinks and a jetted soaker tub (I am so in love)!

The view off my deck is beautiful and is so peaceful and quiet.

I can't wait to have fence up and have our horses in our backyard, right now we just have lots of deer.

The playground is still not set up due to a bird that made a nest and laid its eggs in the past two weeks!

This is the garden shed in the backyard. I would like to put a perennial garden to the right of it behind that fence.I think there was one at some point because there are some rose bushes already in there. To the left of the shed is a dog kennel, which would make a great chicken coop in the future.

The location couldn't be more perfect, we are located less than 2 miles from the farm in a dead end road, off of another dead end road. We have a swimming beach on a beautiful lake just down the hill, and a great biking trail almost in our front yard, just between us and the lake.

And now for the inside tour, or at least some of it. I also apologize for the mess. There are still boxes everywhere, very few pictures on the walls, and lots of mess! We are slowly but surely getting settled. It is very hard to be patient with this, I would love to just snap my fingers and have it exactly how I want, but I know it takes patience and time.

My kitchen is bright, white, huge, and everything I wanted!

I love the bay windows in my living room!

It is still a mess, and is always filled with crazy kiddos,
but that's what life is all about right?
My master again is huge. I actually have a foyer area in my master complete with an arched doorway except I didn't catch that part in the picture.
Any my master bath is beautiful.
I just love having double sinks. Heck, I just love having more than one bathroom! 
And to complete the master suite is a jetted soaker tub surrounded by beautiful slate tile work. 
Well, that's it for now. There will be more in the future. We are working on getting pictures up in the girls bedrooms. Caroline is having a bug bedroom, Allyson a penguin bedroom and Olivia a horse bedroom. The basement will be for another post, but we are painting most of it. Hopefully my sewing room will be painted before the weekend is done, and I can start moving in my stuff and getting to work!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Coffee Date

Welcome to Friday once again. This week has been crazy even though I only left my house once in the past 7 days, and that was to bring dinner to my husband in the field. It is time to link up with Diary of and Addict's Friday Coffee Date, and check in and see what is going on in my world.
Spring planting season has begun here in Wisconsin, even though preparation for it began a while ago. Crops are beginning to be planted, but are at a standstill for a few days, as we are getting a few days of rain. As much as I want my husband to get the crops in the ground, it is really nice to have his help getting ready for our move in two weeks.
Speaking of the move, we are almost there! In fact, we move in exactly two weeks. I am SO ready to just be in our new house and settled. I do not cope well with transition, or chaos. I tend to like my life scheduled and organized. The closer we get to the move, the more chaos there seems to be, and I am beginning to struggle with it. I just keep trying to keep my eye on the prize and know that God is not going to give me more than I can handle.
Because of all the moving and packing I haven't worked on any quilt projects in a while, and that tends to be my therapy.

This fabric is for the first project that I make once I get my sewing machine set up. I might just make myself work on this before ALL of the boxes are unpacked, just so I can have some time to relax! This will be for a quilt going on a little boy's bed. The colors are bright and the pattern is so fun. I tend to REALLY like polka-dots! I can't wait to get it all finished and get to have some time with my sewing machine once again.
I have spent a bit of time this week writing some new blog posts, I am just not quite ready to share them. I would like to get some pictures in them, and all of my pictures, like the rest of my life, is all packed up in boxes (mostly John Deere boxes!) I would really love to invest more time and energy into my blog and others, and I plan to do so once we get settled a bit. I have connected with some really amazing people through blogs, made some great friendships, and truly get a lot of great encouragement from other bloggers.
Well, that's about all for now. I will be spending my week packing, cleaning and having a garage sale to get rid of all of our unwanted or outgrown stuff. I anyone needs anything for a baby girl, I'm sure we have it!
I pray that you all have a great week.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring Beauty Swap

I know that I have been severely slacking on this whole blog thing lately. It has been a couple of weeks since I have posted anything at all. I have been SUPER busy packing up our house. We move in three weeks, and I am having a moving sale in two weeks. So blog posts are few and far between for me right now unless you want to see more pictures of boxes and empty walls. I am lucky if I have time to get through my emails everyday. Once we get settled a bit in the new house I will be busy with new projects to write about.

I signed up once again to participate in another Beauty Swap hosted by Crystal of Crystal Cattle and also Taysha of Dirt Road Charm, since I had so much fun with the last one. This time I was paired with Heidi (@HDPRKR), a very busy mom from South Dakota. I received lots of awesome products from Heidi.

Here is what I received:
- two infinity scarves, one in a blue paisley pattern and once solid white
- Aqua Spa Body Crème
- Simple Radiance cleansing wipes
- Bare Foot foot scrub
 - NYC Big Bold Curl mascara
 - e.l.f. shimmering facial whip
- Jergens BB Body perfecting skin cream
- NYC nail polish in Spring Street and Madison Avenue colors
- NYC lip gloss in Blush Forever
 - NYC lip stain in Champagne
 - and lastly a cosmetic bag with two travel bottles and a lufa.

I can't say that I have a favorite product from this Beauty Swap, I have tried them all and love them all! It is so awesome to receive a fun package in the mail that is filled with fun 'girly' things just for me, and is even more fun trying out all the great beauty products.

Thank you Heidi for all of the great products, and thank you to Crystal and Taysha for hosting another fun Beauty Swap.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Coffe Date

Welcome to Friday once again. Happy Easter to you all!
 This week could not have gotten over soon enough. I think that lunar eclipse had something to do with a lot of the crazy behavior in our house this week. The kids were just something else! So I am very thankful that it's Friday and time to link up with Alissa at Diary of an Addict for the Friday Coffee Date.
This is about what my house looks like all over. Boxes, boxes and more boxes, and a bit of emptiness! It sounds like our moving date is going to move up, so we move in one month now. There are some days that I just don't know where to start. If anyone has any packing tips, or advice I would love to hear it. I want to get busy packing, but I don't know what all can be packed ahead of time. I really need to go through the girls' bedrooms and sort through for the garage sale that we are also having in the mean time, but that is very hard to do with a house full of little ones. They tend to take out twice as much as I pack up.
I thankfully have three of the four quilts finished that I have to make before we move, and will hopefully get a good start on the last one this weekend.
This is the one Caroline got for her birthday. She will be in a big girl bed once we are in the new house, so I wanted her to have her quilt all ready for her. I made a scrappy Dresden that my mom had cut out a lot of years ago. I added to it, made it bigger, and finished it for Caroline.
This last one is one that I actually pieced years ago, and quilted up to donate for a benefit for one of Neil's distant relatives that is quickly loosing her battle with cancer.
That is about it for this week. Have a blessed Easter and a wonderful week!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Coffee Date

 Happy Friday to you all! I am so thankful that it is Friday. It has been a couple of long and busy weeks in our house, hence the reason I haven't gotten a post up in two weeks. So its time to link up to Alissa's new blog Diary of An Addict for the Friday Coffee Date and share the big news we have!

Our current home
I am so excited to say that we have finally sold our house, and will be moving into our dream home on Memorial weekend! It has been a long journey for almost two years, 37 showings, lots of cleaning, but we did it! Now the real work begins of packing everything up. I moved from my dorm room at age 19 into this house, and now 10 years and three kids later, we have A LOT more stuff. Our new home is three times the size of our current home, with enough bedrooms and bathrooms for everyone, five acres for the girls to have their horses in the backyard, and I will also get to have my very own quilting studio.
Despite that we love our new house, I will be sad to leave our current home. This is the house that we made into a home, where we became a family. Neil moved in here three weeks before we got married, and it officially became mine on our wedding night! Sorry for the picture overload, I was just reminiscing about what I love about my first home. Pictures of the new house will come once we are all moved in.
I will certainly miss all of the beautiful hardwood floors.
I love the barn boards in my dining
room, it was always my favorite room.
 I will always miss the beautiful bedroom that Neil built for us in the basement, after we found out we were expecting Baby Bug, and knew we were running out of room.

This week has not only been busy with packing but my Baby Bug, Caroline, turned 2 yesterday! I can't believe she is already such a big girl. We love her so much and she fits right into our family. She has literally turned our world upside down since even before she was born, but I can't imagine a moment without her!
On Wednesday, Neil and I, chaperoned a field trip to the Minnesota Children's Museum with Olivia's kindergarten class, and had a great time.
On a much more sad note, Neil's new truck that he bought last month threw a piston rod through the oil pan and wrecked the engine on the way to school for the field trip. I feel so bad for Neil as that had become his baby that he was so proud of.
 I will be spending my week finishing the two customer quilts that I have left to finish before we move, and then will have to get my tail in gear and finish packing the rest of my house!
Have a wonderful week.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Coffee Date

It's Friday again and time to link up with the Rags to Stitches Blog for a Coffee Date. Thankfully it has been pretty boring week here at the Gustafson house! We did get news on the house and we have finally found a buyer. We will be closing on our starter home and moving into the home of our dreams on May 30. So this week has been busy with trying to finish projects that are already in progress, and starting the packing process. I am going to have garage sale a couple of weeks before we move so I can get rid of lots! I cannot believe how much we have accumulated over the past 10 years.
Like everything in life, when it rains it pours! Suddenly, I have tons of clients asking for quilts. And they want them before I move! So needless to say, I will be one busy mamma for a while. I cannot turn away quilting projects when I am trying to make a successful business, not to mention the money would be nice to have for my new house. And I know that no matter what happens, we will get through it. I do know for fact that I will have many late nights in the next two months, as I quilt away and pack my life up all during the busiest planting season for my husband!
This first client quilt will hopefully be done this afternoon, a fun rag quilt that I have pieced and am now clipping the edges for the frayed edge. My afternoon will be watching some HGTV and clipping away! (Thank goodness for nap-time)
That's all for now, hope you all have a wonderful week.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Winter Adventures

This past weekend my husband and I ventured out across our family farm on snowshoes. A first for both of us! It is something that I have wanted to try for a lot of my life, and finally I got a chance. We live and grew up right here in the northland of Wisconsin where there is A LOT of snow, why we haven't tried snowshoeing before I don't know. My six year-old daughter has even tried snowshoeing before I got the chance.

We love to do other outdoor activities such as snowmobiling. The winter actually provides us time to do things like this because my husband isn't as busy with work and the farm, and being so cooped up in the house all winter gets old really fast! Snowshoeing was a great way for my husband and I to connect and have a chance for some great conversation. I truly haven't had that much fun and relaxation with my husband in a while.
We ventured out into the woods on the farm where all of the rusty old machinery has been laid to rest over the years. We got to step back in time for a while, enjoy the peace and quiet of God's creation, and imagine what life was like trying to use these old pieces of machinery that seem so rudimentary in comparison to what we now have.

One thing that I really love about snowmobiling or snowshoeing is that you get to see things and places that you typically see from the road, in a different viewpoint. The trails around here usually wind across farm fields and through the back side of most farmsteads.
Most people hide their 'junk', as it tends to be called, behind the shed or in the woods along the back forty. I tend to be quite nosy or curious and like to see the old, junky stuff. The trails allow you to see a little more of that. The trails lead you to places you never knew existed. Past 100 year-old broken down farmsteads that you can't see from the road, even occasional cemeteries from Civil War times I have discovered this way. And I find this fascinating!
Snowmobiling, snowshoeing or just adventuring out just gives me a different point of view to the place that I call home.

What do your adventures look like?