Friday, March 22, 2013

Petals and Patches

I have shown you latest the quilts that I made for my older two girls, and I couldn't leave out my Baby Bug, Caroline.  

It is a scrappy patchwork called 'Petals and Patches'.

The quilt makes me think of spring, with it's bright colors and the polk-a-dot printed flannel backing. Then I look out the window, see the snow still falling and realize that even though it is officially spring, it hasn't made it here yet!

And that face just makes the quilt that much more sweet!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mommy Vacation...

A couple of weeks ago I was blessed with a much needed Mommy Vacation! 
Caroline and I flew down to Dallas, Texas to visit my aunt, who has recently taken a position with Southwest Airlines  and moved down there from our hometown in northern Wisconsin.  I am very blessed to have my Aunt Terri and Uncle Jack in my life.  I love and miss them dearly and don't know what I would do without them in my life. 
 I had the most wonderful time, loved every moment of it, and can't wait to go back.
The weather was amazing.  My body didn't know what to think, when I left home it was
 -16 degrees (actual temp) and when I walked out of the airport in Dallas,
it was 71 degrees!!
Caroline and I got some much needed R&R.
And we spent some time here.
Got to see some really cool places.
And the sky is always bigger in Texas.
(excuse the van in the picture, it was taken driving down the freeway)
The farmer's market was amazing, 
and was a great place for some color inspiration, 
even in January.
Spent a day being a cowgirl at the Stock Show.
Enjoyed some great food!
(real Tex-Mex, not Taco Bell's version)
But in the end, I missed these two little beauties,
And even my Mr. Amazing,
And I had to come home to this,
So we could be our crazy little family once again!
Thank you so much to my Aunt and Uncle for an amazing time,
I can't wait for my next adventure!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Now a little Horsin' Around

Since Allyson made her monkey quilt with me, Olivia couldn't be left out and wanted a quilt of her own.  So, on one of my many trips to the quilt shop, Olivia came with and picked out this horse (of course!) fabric for her quilt.

I decided to do something similar to Allyson's monkey quilt, at least along the same lines of simplicity, and this is what we came up with.