Friday, June 20, 2014

Our New House!!

As you all know we have finally moved!!
Actually we moved almost four weeks ago but I have been a bit busy, hence the reason I have been MIA from blogland. It took us almost two years to sell our little house in town, and move into the house of our dreams out in the country. Let me tell ya, moving is a TON of work!! But we are here, getting settled and unpacked. So here it is! (I apologize in advance for the picture overload)
Our new house is everything we were looking for when we started to consider moving. It is less then 2 miles from the farm, in our daughter's school district, not on a busy road, has enough bedrooms for all of our little crazies, more than one bathroom (we only had one in the little house and with three little girls, it didn't work so well for daddy), and land to for horses with plenty of room for all of our crazies to run and play.

It also came with lots of bonuses that were definitely a want and not a need: a playroom/family room for daycare and toys, three bathrooms (yay for daddy!), a quilting studio for myself, a workshop for my husband and all his tools, and a huge master suite including our own bathroom with double sinks and a jetted soaker tub (I am so in love)!

The view off my deck is beautiful and is so peaceful and quiet.

I can't wait to have fence up and have our horses in our backyard, right now we just have lots of deer.

The playground is still not set up due to a bird that made a nest and laid its eggs in the past two weeks!

This is the garden shed in the backyard. I would like to put a perennial garden to the right of it behind that fence.I think there was one at some point because there are some rose bushes already in there. To the left of the shed is a dog kennel, which would make a great chicken coop in the future.

The location couldn't be more perfect, we are located less than 2 miles from the farm in a dead end road, off of another dead end road. We have a swimming beach on a beautiful lake just down the hill, and a great biking trail almost in our front yard, just between us and the lake.

And now for the inside tour, or at least some of it. I also apologize for the mess. There are still boxes everywhere, very few pictures on the walls, and lots of mess! We are slowly but surely getting settled. It is very hard to be patient with this, I would love to just snap my fingers and have it exactly how I want, but I know it takes patience and time.

My kitchen is bright, white, huge, and everything I wanted!

I love the bay windows in my living room!

It is still a mess, and is always filled with crazy kiddos,
but that's what life is all about right?
My master again is huge. I actually have a foyer area in my master complete with an arched doorway except I didn't catch that part in the picture.
Any my master bath is beautiful.
I just love having double sinks. Heck, I just love having more than one bathroom! 
And to complete the master suite is a jetted soaker tub surrounded by beautiful slate tile work. 
Well, that's it for now. There will be more in the future. We are working on getting pictures up in the girls bedrooms. Caroline is having a bug bedroom, Allyson a penguin bedroom and Olivia a horse bedroom. The basement will be for another post, but we are painting most of it. Hopefully my sewing room will be painted before the weekend is done, and I can start moving in my stuff and getting to work!