Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bunches of Creativity

At the moment I am working on a project that I really can't say a whole lot about.  It is a big project that is taking me a while. My family always comes first in my life, and since they have been keeping me very busy this summer, I have been trying to sqeeze in time here and there to spend at my sewing machine.  So since I can't show you what I am working on now, I thought I would bunch a few of my past projects together. 

Starting from top to bottom with the quilt rack and shelf.  I found this piece at a garage sale for $2, reinforced it and spray painted it white. I love garage sales!  In fact, most of my house is decorated in garage sales, thrift store items and hand-me-downs!

Next is the quilt, and it's name is 'Twist'.  This is the second quilt that I made and it has a story behind it.  This is my husband's favorite quilt. After I finished my first quilt, my husband told me how proud he was of finishing it, and he loved how much I enjoyed making it.,so he took me to the store and picked out the quilt pattern and the fabric for this quilt, and gave me my next project to start on. He loved the pattern and he thought that it symbolized how the two of us were 'twisting' our lives together into one beautiful quilt.  Needless to say, we had only been married for a few months! I don't think my husband realized then, what a hobby this would become in the next eight years of marriage, especially when it comes to seeing the checkbook after I have made a trip to the quilt shop.  But he has always supported my quilting, and has only encourage me to challenge myself and grow in my talents, and I love him very much for that.

And lastly is this table. 

This table was my grandparents.  I lived with my grandparents for a good portion of my childhood, and this table was in my bedroom there, but always covered up with a table cloth. As a child the drawer was a great hiding place for things that I didn't want my older brother to take from me since it was hidden under the table cloth. Even the inside of the drawer was covered in crayon scribbled 'secret messages' from my childhood. So when my grandparents passed away recently, I asked if I could have this table, not realizing why it had a table cloth over it for so many years.  It was ugly!  So I decided to make it pretty. 

I still have nowhere to put it in my house, I had to move my husbands recliner just to have a place to take a nice picture of it, but I had a lot of great memories of this table, so I will keep it until we have the house of our dreams and the perfect place for this table.

There is usually a purpose or a story behind most of my projects, and I love to share those stories, so I hope you enjoyed them.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summertime Fun!

This summer seems to be the busiest one yet, and it is filled with lots of fun.  I don't want to miss a moment of it so I am trying to capture as much as I can with the camera.

My sweet Caroline, who is now three months old.

Our county fair will be held in just a couple of weeks, so my older two girls have been spending lots of time on horseback lately getting ready for the horse show.

Allyson, who is two-years-old, will be competing in her first horse show, so she's been busy practicing! Here she is on Hank.

Allyson with her best bud Cocoa.

Here's my four-year-old, Olivia, and her best bud, Buckshot.  They competed together last summer and won!  So now this year we are stepping it up and they will be competing in more difficult classes and some games. 

Buckshot is an amazing little pony.  He just follows Olivia around everywhere like a little puppy. As long as there is grass, he is one happy pony!

 Both girls are so excited for the show, and I am one proud mommy of these beautiful girls!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Creative Photography

 Last night I recruited my Mr. Amazing to help with my next blog post.  I wanted to be able to show you some pictures of some of my quilts, and not just with them laying on my living room floor.

So I packed up all of the quilts that aren't currently being used and headed a few miles away to "The Farm" a.k.a my in-laws. 

My husband farms with his dad. His parents live on the farmstead, and we live a few miles away on the edge of town.
We loaded up the John Deere AMT with some of my quits, headed out to adventure around the farm and find fun places to take some pics, while Grandma got some playtime with the girls.
So here are some of my favs!

This is my very first "real quilt". My Mom gave me all of the fabric, a cutting mat and rotary blade for Christmas the year that I got married. I cut it out with 12" school ruler because that is all I had for a straight edge at the time, and I had no idea there was such as thing as quilting rulers!

Jennifer Chiaverini's New Year's Quilt

"Royal Order" From American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine

This my favorite building on the farm- the old chicken coop.  It has tons of character, but it's only inhabitant now-a-days are the bees that have overrun it.

This quilt I actully stole off of my daughter's bed, but thought it would make some fun pictures.

I think photographing the quilts was almost as much fun as making them. Sorry there is a lot of pics, but I had a VERY hard time picking just a couple of pictures!  I had too much fun climbing around the farm with my Mr. Amazing finding some fun places to photgraph my quilts!  This is just a fraction of the quilts that I have made, but I have to save some things for another time.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Creatvity Begins!

I finally did it!! I started a blog!!  I love to quilt and do all things with a little creativity, and would love to share some of my ideas with others.  I have been following several blogs for awhile and have been inspired by all the great ideas that others post about, so I thought that I would create a blog to share some of my ideas.  So where to begin... I am a very blessed stay-at-home mom of three wonderful, blue-eyed little girls.  I have an amazing man next to my side, who works hard to take great care of all of his girls, and supports all of my crazy ideas that I get (most including fabric or paint)!  My passions are my family, quilting, and horses.  I love all things country, I grew up in rural Wisconsin, married a farmer who also works for John Deere, so country just fits our family!  But all three of our girls just woke up from their naps, so off I go to play in the pool with them!

Bear with me, this whole blogging thing is a new thing to me and I will be busy making lots of changes as I learn to personalize it.  I just want to thank all those who gave me such wonderful encouragement and advice.