Sunday, July 8, 2012

Creatvity Begins!

I finally did it!! I started a blog!!  I love to quilt and do all things with a little creativity, and would love to share some of my ideas with others.  I have been following several blogs for awhile and have been inspired by all the great ideas that others post about, so I thought that I would create a blog to share some of my ideas.  So where to begin... I am a very blessed stay-at-home mom of three wonderful, blue-eyed little girls.  I have an amazing man next to my side, who works hard to take great care of all of his girls, and supports all of my crazy ideas that I get (most including fabric or paint)!  My passions are my family, quilting, and horses.  I love all things country, I grew up in rural Wisconsin, married a farmer who also works for John Deere, so country just fits our family!  But all three of our girls just woke up from their naps, so off I go to play in the pool with them!

Bear with me, this whole blogging thing is a new thing to me and I will be busy making lots of changes as I learn to personalize it.  I just want to thank all those who gave me such wonderful encouragement and advice.