Thursday, November 20, 2014

Trusting GMO's?

Over the weekend my husband and I watch the movie, GMO OMG! We are always trying to stay on top of things, so what we know as farmers what we are up against. I have to say that the movie was not what I expected. It was not an all out bash against GMOs and those that grow them. Now it certainly wasn't about praising them, but it wasn't and all out farmer roast!

I do have to give the guy praise, he was honestly trying to make an educated decision for the health of himself and his family, and for that I applaud him. That is what our purpose is as agvocates, to educate and inform so that consumers can make and educated decisions based from fact and not fear, 

Some of his tactics were a bit silly, and were ultimately trying to scare consumers, such as running through a field of corn with medical suits and gas masks, but he was trying to get his point across. However, even after all the interviews, travels and questions, he decided that there was nothing that truly proved GMOs to be dangerous, so he and his family continued to consume them.

However, there were a couple of points that really stood out to me personally. At one point he interviewed a farmer that grew GMO crops, and asked him if he was a Christian. He questioned him about playing God by genetically modifying an organism and changing what God has made.

Well, this is no different than what the medical field does everyday. Do surgeons not use pig and cow heart valves to replace broken ones in humans? You don't hear people complaining when their life has been saved. Do we not put another gene into our bodies through vaccinations? Do you hear about people wishing that the medical field would return to the way it was before 1930? Do you see anyone wishing for scarlet fever, mumps and polio to make a come back in society? A GMO is no different than the plant having a vaccination for diseases, worms, and many other things that prevent the plant from growing and producing efficiently. 

The father in this movie stated something else while trout fishing with his children that really caught my attention, and I feel is the ultimate answer to this debate, " Who are we going to trust to take care of this land?" Well, I know the answer to this problem. We need to trust in our Lord and Savior. He made the earth, he has a plan, he has given us as humans the intelligence and technology to do what we are able to do today, both in agriculture and medicine. 

Through out time, it has been proven that with distrust comes unrest, and that is what we are facing in the world today. We have lost trust in God and His plan for us and now have put the ultimate trust in ourselves. God's plans are here to prosper us, not to harm us.