Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring has finally arrived!

Spring has finally arrived here in Wisconsin, and it is a long time coming.  My daughter had a snow day from school on Tuesday, and today we are all wearing flip- flops!  It is wonderful.

The last few weeks have been crazy busy.  My sweet baby bug, Caroline turned one!  I can't believe we made it through this last year, it certainly feels like a year since I have had a good nights sleep.
We celebrated with a pink John Deere party. My brother-in-law made these adorable cakes. Caroline had the most fun picking off the polk-a-dots to eat.
And let me tell ya, she is going to be the best dressed little lady around. 

Spring has also brought us a lot of showings on our house. Sixteen to be exact!  No offers yet, but we still have some more looking by the end of the weekend, so keep your fingers crossed for us. 

 Since we have had so many showings, I have spent more time cleaning and not so much time sewing.  My sewing machine is in my dining room, and I cut quilts on my kitchen table, so everything has to get packed up for every showing. Hence the need for a bigger house!

I have finished one quilt though and am in love with it.  I was waiting for a nice sunny day to take pictures of it, and today is my day!

This is Spin Cycle from Cluck Cluck Sew.  I have been in love with this quilt since I first saw a picture of it, and finally got some time to make it.  I have not quilted it yet, but it will be one of the first to quilt once I get my  quilting frame set up in the new house.  It is just the perfect picnic quilt for the middle of summer.  I love the bright colors and bold pattern.

And this is a hint as to what is coming next.  I hope to write a pattern for this quilt depending on how it turns out, but it is a fun scrappy quilt. 
That is all for now, hope to either sell the house soon, and get busy packing, or get a little break from showings so I can get some sewing done.