Friday, August 8, 2014

What We've Been Up To Lately...

Well, its been over a month since I have posted once again. We have been pretty busy setting up our new house. I never thought it would take so long, but we still have so many bare walls. I am being quite particular about putting things on the walls. I am leaving walls bare until I find exactly what I want.

We spent a week in Texas visiting my Aunt again last month, and had a great time. We spent most of our time shopping or in the pool. I did manage to bring home some fun d├ęcor items from Texas. We ended up renting a car and driving back and what a beautiful drive it was. We drove up through the Flint Hills of Kansas on the Turnpike, all the open land was amazing to see. Because we rented a car, we made use of the space and packed it full. I brought home a few mason jars and lamps, and also a wagon wheel for my kitchen, and a windmill for next to my front door.

Neil and I also took a day to go on a trip by ourselves, and we toured to the famous South Fork Ranch. It was beautiful, I just wish it were all mine. To our surprise, it is not at all what it seems like on the TV show Dallas.

Wouldn't you just love to drive up this every time you come home?

In my quilting world, I have managed to machine quilt a quilt for a customer (that I forgot to take a picture of), finish my Mini Swoon that will go on the wall in my sewing room, and also piece and quilt another full sized quilt for a customer.

Some of the fabric that is in my Swirls and Whirls.

I am currently working on piecing a Swirls and Whirls from Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life, that will also go on the wall of my sewing room. And I am always working on a new quilt design. I am hoping to soon have some actual patterns in print!

We have worked hard at cleaning up our yard and trimming up trees. We have a huge brush pile to burn in the back pasture, and the pile is only growing. Our next project is clearing the pasture for horses and putting up fence. That is just the next step in completing our little 'Happily Ever After'.

The giant pile and the end of the trail in the pasture that looks like a beaver dam is our brush pile, that is steadily growing.
Even though we have lived here for just over two months, it still feels like a dream when we come home to this house. We are so in love with it, and feels like we belong right here! God has blessed our family in more ways than we even knew possible and we don't want to waste a moment in which we can serve Him and give Him glory.