Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beauty Swap

So, a while back I signed up to participate in a Beauty Swap hosted by Crystal Cattle and also Cowgirl Crush. Crystal has a great blog that is not only agriculture, but also she like beauty and fashion, and most of all she loves turquoise as much a I do. And Cowgirl Crush is a fashion line that is absolutely amazing, just my style of clothing.

For the Beauty Swap I was paired up with Stacey (aka @4RuffledFeathers) from Arizona. Stacey and I seemed to have a lot in common as far as out beauty routines, and I think more in common that we think, even in our personal styles. So, what did I get?

From Stacey I received: 1.a bag of M&M's (my favorite); 2.elf eye shadow in Happy Hour; 3.elf blush in Tickled Pink; 4.eos lip balm; 5.essie nail polish in Cute as a Button; 6.Dionis hand cream in scented in Love; 6.an adorable make-up bag; 7.and a leather cuff that was made by Stacey herself that says "Be Mine".  
Stacey definitely had a valentines theme that she sent me and how fun is that. I love everything that she sent me and can't really say that I have a favorite, but I really like the leather cuff, it is very unique and is just my style. Stacey is very talented.

I had so much fun shopping for Stacey, and it was really great to receive a special package just for me. You can check out her Etsy store and see others of her great leather works at 4 Ruffled Feathers. This Beauty Swap was a lot of fun and I will definitely be doing it again.