Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Coffee Date

 Happy Friday to you all! I am so thankful that it is Friday. It has been a couple of long and busy weeks in our house, hence the reason I haven't gotten a post up in two weeks. So its time to link up to Alissa's new blog Diary of An Addict for the Friday Coffee Date and share the big news we have!

Our current home
I am so excited to say that we have finally sold our house, and will be moving into our dream home on Memorial weekend! It has been a long journey for almost two years, 37 showings, lots of cleaning, but we did it! Now the real work begins of packing everything up. I moved from my dorm room at age 19 into this house, and now 10 years and three kids later, we have A LOT more stuff. Our new home is three times the size of our current home, with enough bedrooms and bathrooms for everyone, five acres for the girls to have their horses in the backyard, and I will also get to have my very own quilting studio.
Despite that we love our new house, I will be sad to leave our current home. This is the house that we made into a home, where we became a family. Neil moved in here three weeks before we got married, and it officially became mine on our wedding night! Sorry for the picture overload, I was just reminiscing about what I love about my first home. Pictures of the new house will come once we are all moved in.
I will certainly miss all of the beautiful hardwood floors.
I love the barn boards in my dining
room, it was always my favorite room.
 I will always miss the beautiful bedroom that Neil built for us in the basement, after we found out we were expecting Baby Bug, and knew we were running out of room.

This week has not only been busy with packing but my Baby Bug, Caroline, turned 2 yesterday! I can't believe she is already such a big girl. We love her so much and she fits right into our family. She has literally turned our world upside down since even before she was born, but I can't imagine a moment without her!
On Wednesday, Neil and I, chaperoned a field trip to the Minnesota Children's Museum with Olivia's kindergarten class, and had a great time.
On a much more sad note, Neil's new truck that he bought last month threw a piston rod through the oil pan and wrecked the engine on the way to school for the field trip. I feel so bad for Neil as that had become his baby that he was so proud of.
 I will be spending my week finishing the two customer quilts that I have left to finish before we move, and then will have to get my tail in gear and finish packing the rest of my house!
Have a wonderful week.