Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Coffee Date


It's Friday once again. Time for my weekly Coffee Date link up with the Rags to Stitches blog. I don't have a whole lot of anything new to share. It has been pretty quiet week in the Gustafson house. Last weekend we were down in Madison playing at a waterpark while Neil was at meetings. Sadly Olivia came home with the stomach flu, which is not the way we wanted to end a vacation, but we all enjoyed the waterpark and catching up with friends.

This is just one of my favorite pictures of Caroline from last weekend. She looks like a big girl here, despite the fact that she is kind of shrimpy!
This week I did a post and linked up with the Dove #BeautyIs campaign. I took a no make-up selfie and gave my definition of what true beauty is to me. That was a lot fun. I am really starting to get in to these link-up blogs.
I have been busy cutting away at fabric, getting a some projects ready for the quilting retreat I am going on next week. I am excited to have 5 days of pure quilting bliss! I hope to get 2 full sized quilts pieced, 1 mini quilt, and also dabble in a few other projects. It is amazing when you have 5 days with no interruptions how much you can get done.

This coming weekend we have absolutely nothing planned, which is really nice for a change. I have a couple of errands to run tomorrow morning, a last minute trip to the quilt shop, pick up some groceries, and I know Neil wants to do some work on his new truck, other than that, we will be spending our weekend hanging out with the girls.

Pretty boring week around here, so that's all for now. I do hope to get a post or two up next week while I am gone, but I am not positive what the internet is going to be like, so there is no guarantees.

I pray that you all have a wonderful week.